Fabulous Nail Color Trends for Winter 2018

Nail colors for winter 2018 are also the ones that can make you look fabulous in the chill weather other than the other types of makeup trends that are also announced in Damaraji’s note to be popular in the same time. In simple words, just like the trending face makeup, the best nail colors for winter 2018 also have a quite string rebellious value. This can be seen from the use of a lot of darker colors.

However, some bright color trends can still be found if by any chance you are not so interested in wearing something dark.

Matte Nail Color with a Bit Shiny Touch
The first example of winter toenail colors 2018 we are going to talk about here is any dark shades that belong to the category of matter nail color. However, for winter 2018, you cannot only wear the matte color on your nail because something that is more trending is the addition of small shiny feature on the nails.

As an example, you can pick black matter nail design with shiny black tips. For a more fashionable look, you can try to create some shiny swirls, which are also trending design for nails in 2018, on the matter nail color.

Dark Nail Colors
The next choice of nail colors for winter 2018 is dark nail colors, which are more specific in the use of glossy colors with gothic touch. The first example you can try on your nails is glossy dark red color that is related to gothic style because of its blood-like look.

There is also glossy dark brown nail color that is a bit different but can still be used to show the dark gothic look. Some other matte color you can choose too is dark blue matte, grey matte, and burgundy matte.

Simply White Color
The last but not lest example of nail color trends we are going to share to you in this post is simply white nail color. This winter nail color is not only perfect for you who always prefer to wear something brighter.

Instead, this is also the one that is so very easy to apply on your nail. Especially for this trend of nail colors for winter 2018, it is suggested for you to pick white color that does not look glossy but also does not belong to the category of matte if you really want to look up-to-date in following the latest trend of toenail colors in 2018.

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