AirAsia Achieves the Best ASEAN Marketing Campaign Award

AirAsia recently won an excellent award in 2017 at ASEANTA; one of the most prestigious awards held by the ASEAN Tourism Association. The nomination was given to the airline because they have the best marketing campaign among other nominees within ASEAN countries.


The excellence awards were given to AirAsia Airline as the Best ASEAN Marketing and Promotion Campaign named “Think ASEAN, Think AirAsia”. The 30th ASEANTA Awards was held at the Borobudur Hotel Jakarta.


An Honorable Award for AirAsia Airline

The CEO of AirAsia Group Indonesia named Dendy Kurniawan said that the award for them as the best ASEAN marketing campaign was an honor for the airline. As the one who represented AirAsia Group, Dendy Kurniawan received the trophy delivered by Arief Yahya as the Tourism Minister of Indonesia.


Dendy added that becoming the ASEAN Airline was a commitment of AirAsia. They will be ready all the time to explore the areas. He was pleased knowing the campaign made for ASEAN promoting can support the Southeast Asia countries as the ideal tourist destinations.


The Features in ASEAN Campaign

The ASEAN campaign took place on 8 to 14 August 2016. It was held as the part of ASEAN Day celebration. It featured kinds of photos and places uploads as the requirements, so the airlines could promote ASEAN region via their social media as well as the in-flight magazine 3Sixtyo Travel. Furthermore, the ASEAN campaign emphasized the variety of ASEAN inspired in-flight meals offered by AirAsia.


During the campaign, AirAsia also made and uploaded videos on YouTube; telling about enjoyable activities to do and also the tasty foods that should be tried in every ASEAN country. The campaign efforts of AirAsia are also supported completely with the seat promotions of RM10 discount to every destination within ASEAN countries.


AirAsia recently won an excellent award in 2017 at ASEANTA

The prestigious award of ASEANTA Awards for Excellence was held for the activists and actors of tourism that have given the great contribution to the promotion and development of the ASEAN region’s tourism products. There are six categories created for the award, such as the Best ASEAN Travel Article, the Best ASEAN New Tourism Attraction, the Best ASEAN Tourism Photo, the Best ASEAN Cultural Preservation Effort, and the Best ASEAN Airline Program. All of the award categories were made to honors the people who work well not for the airline development but also for the improvement of tourism within the region. Click this link for more information.

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