6 How to lower blood sugar fast without medication


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6 How to lower blood sugar fast without medication

1. Wearing Mango Leaf
How to lower high blood sugar with mango leaves can be used because it is useful for overcoming diabetes. The arrangement of insulin levels can be made naturally using this one herbal remedy. Even with this mango leaf, you can increase profit lipid blood.
• Method 1: Take 10-15 sheets of mango leaves which you can then soak into 1 cup of water overnight. In the morning you just can filter the water and immediately consume it when the stomach is empty before the breakfast.
• Method 2: Prepare a mango leaf and then dry before finally grinding it. After successfully grinding to a powder, take 1 ½ teaspoons to eat twice a day. Provided that the routine, blood sugar that was rising will be able to decrease gradually.

2. Utilizing Curry Leaves
Whether it’s type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, as long as blood sugar rises and you’re worried that it’s going to be too dangerous, you can take advantage of curry leaves. Besides being able to cope, preventing diabetes is also the ability of this curry leaf. Its anti-diabetic properties are high enough that it will be able to break down starch into glucose in patients with high blood sugar.
• How: You only need to prepare ten curry leaves per day and then chew up every morning. To obtain maximum results, this treatment or treatment you need to continue until 3-4 months. The good news, for those of you who also have high cholesterol and obesity problems, this curry leaf is the best solution even to lower it so that you can get a variety of properties from 1 ingredient only.

3. Drink Green Tea
Of course, green tea is very different from other tea leaves because green tea is not through the process of fermentation and polyphenol content is also high. The material is a powerful antioxidant and hypoglycemic that can control the operation of releasing blood sugar. Thus, the body will better help in using insulin.
• How: Provide a bag of green tea then you can brew with hot water for 2-3 minutes. After that, regularly drink, i.e., in the morning a cup or just before you eat.

4. Utilizing Aloe Vera
Perhaps many people know the efficacy of aloe vera for the skin, but actually, aloe vera has a myriad of other benefits, including being a natural remedy for people with diabetes. For high glucose levels, aloe vera gel is a good solution because it contains phytosterols in which the anti-hyperglycemia is appropriate for people with type 2 diabetes.
• How: Not only aloe vera gel you need to provide because turmeric and bay leaves also you need to prepare. To meramunya, You can mix gel aloe one tablespoon with turmeric and bay leaves 1 ½ spoon respectively. Once combined, herbal medicine is ready, and you can eat it twice a day before dinner and lunch.

5. Wearing Jamun / Blackberry Indians
Maybe you’ve heard about Indian blackberry or also called jamun. Inside the Indian blackberry seeds, there is a glycoside content that acts as a barrier to the conversion of starch into sugar so it can help lower high blood sugar levels and cope with insulin spikes.
• How: Provide a jamun that you can eat 5-6 pieces every morning so that blood sugar levels can be well controlled. Add also seeds as much as one spoon into 1 cup warm water or milk is also allowed. Drink daily so diabetes can be controlled naturally.

6. Eat Kelor Leaves
The leaves of this plant turned out to be good for lowering high blood sugar aside from increasing a person’s energy. His ability is quite high in helping diabetics and can be trusted. You are also able to increase satiety and make the process of breaking food more slowly, and lower blood pressure high.
• How: Take just a few leaves of Moringa leaves to taste and wash thoroughly. Destroy it to get the extract. Eat as much as the ¼ cup of Moringa leaf juice ingredients in an empty stomach every morning. This will bring your blood sugar levels always normal and well controlled.


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